Product Review! Box of Awesome.

Just last week we were one of the first 100 entrants of a code to win a FREE Box of Awesome! This was very cool and have been patiently awaiting it’s arrival in the post to do this review!

Well it arrived yesterday and I’ve held off posting until today because I knew I’d need something to keep the blog active with having my hip procedure done today and a huge portion of it would be stuck in hospital, followed by bed rest after.


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Hospital Day Patient.


Today was a very frightening day for me, I have severe needle phobia and the procedure today involved a needle stuck into my hip joints with the use of an xray machine to try and relieve the severe pain I endure on a daily basis due to Arthritis, inflammation and joint damage. The lining around my joints it so inflamed the surgeon is skeptical the steroid injections will be of any benefit, but he thought we should give it a go as there is nothing to lose. Once I was on the table and they started, out-loud I exclaimed to the room “What the hell was I thinking agreeing to this?!” It made the nurses chuckle.

The local hurt and the steroid hurt. There were no two ways about it. The nursing staff were excellent, kept me distracted through my yelps and squeezing their hands. Unfortunately I couldn’t have James there with me as he was looking after Lizzie whilst working from home. It was a long wait from 9:30am until 1pm.

I’m not supposed to do much of anything over the next 24 hours, but that’s challenging with a precocious 6 month old who is quite demanding!

Please excuse lack of fun posts, but normality will resume in a couple of days! Look out for our October Competition though which will be announced TOMORROW! 😀


Home Education – Some of our Resources so far.

I’ve been researching and reading and gathering information, resources and supplies since before Lizzie was born, I’m a bit like that when I get enthusiastic about something, but my hope is that by the time she is really starting to put things together, I’ll have stacks of educational materials to meet her needs in a variety of ways.

One of the very first things we ordered for her was a stack of resources from British Heart Foundation. There are LOADS to choose from across a variety of age ranges and the quality of the materials are outstanding. All they ask for is a donation which can be done at the time online or via postal cheque.


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Peter Jackson Jewellers – FREEBIES!

20140925_143450[1]Last week Peter Jackson Jewellers were giving away surprise freebies to everyone who emailed them and left their name and address, so as you do when you’re a blogger, I got involved and in a few days these showed up!

The pen is very pink, but good quality and writes nicely 🙂 The Keyring has a trolley token that slips in and out and the silver chrome effect is nicely finished and very weighty. Really lovely free gifts, which will be very useful.

Thank you Peter Jacksons Jewellers – Pop along and check them out!


Recipe Time & Bitty Day of Sunday-ness.

Today it feels like not much of anything was done or achieved at all, don’t you just hate days like that? I can’t believe it’s just passed dinner time. I had a few plans as well to make soup and cakes, well the cakes got made, but the soup didn’t. We did manage some work with our naughty boy dogs and they are doing much better. We also went to the shop to buy a hand mixer as we didn’t have one, but that’s it. Really? Where the heck has the day gone…?


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Butterflies in the Sky Craft!


Lizzie and I made a craft together this afternoon; a collaborative effort. Lizzie did the messy bits, which meant a very messy baby, but mummy also got very messy. This is to be expected when painting and gluing with a 6 month old 😀 Great fun though and the top reason for doing it again and again and attending the creation station. When we first started painting together, she wasn’t really sure about what she was doing and though she liked to touch the paint, wasn’t really touching the paper or material to paint on with consistency, but now her hands are straight in the paint and all over everything – paper, table, floor, herself, ME… So amusing watching her get her little fingers stuck into the mess 😀

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Giveaway Time!!

Remember we still have our giveaway going on and there are only a few days to enter! I may even add a little surprise in for the lucky winner!

Lil' Nibblet's Nook

Our very first Giveaway is here – Hooray!

For a chance to win this Kids Craft Activity Pack click the link below and follow the instructions!


Prize includes:

  • 1 x A5 Plain Paper Sketch Book
  • 1 x Pack of Embossed Owl Stickers
  • 1 x Pack 25 Push Pins
  • 1 x Bundle of Coloured Sticks
  • 1 x Bundle of Wiggly Eyes
  • 1 x Bundle of Gems
  • 1 x Bundle of Shiny Stars
  • 1 x Small Stack of Fur Material
  • 1 x Small Stack if Coloured Felt Material
  • 1 x Small Bundle of Pipe Cleaners
  • 1 x Glue Stick
  • 1 Small Bundle of Feathers (assorted colours)
  • 3 x HB Pencils
  • 2 x Length of Lace (Gold & White)

Click Here >>>>>  a Rafflecopter giveaway <<<<<

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Saturday Morning Stroll – Attenborough Nature Reserve


I feel really lucky living in Nottingham, we have great public transport around the city and LOTS of wonderful parks and Nature Reserves throughout and around to take an afternoon stroll rain or shine 🙂  I’m very outdoorsy, James more so since we got together and then again after we added Huskies to our family. I hope our daughter will follow in those footsteps and enjoy nature and the outside world, there is just so much to see and do!

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Friday Fun-day!


Wow! What a day, I’m beat and so is Lizzie. Today was CREATION STATION DAY and we were so excited to be back after missing our second week due to illness. Lizzie enjoyed it much more this time too, possibly because she is really developing her grabby hands and pincer grasp 🙂 Each class opens with a welcome song and the leader comes around the say hello to everyone individually and once that’s over, she opens a huge furry bag of sensory goodies for the babies to explore. I really want to be able to get on the floor with Lizzie, but until she’s able to sit up reliably without falling over or crawling, it’s not easy for me to do because of my sore and stiff knees and hips, so she sits on my knee in the circle and has items handed to her; it would be nice to let her get in among it all and choose her own sensory items though.

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