Art & Craft Review!

So Lizzie got to 3.5-4 months and got increasingly curious about her surroundings and need for constant stimulation for her developing mind, so I started to trawl the internet for things I could do with my baby and really I didn’t find a lot and was quite disheartened, everything was for toddlers+…I didn’t let that deter me though and was determined I could adapt things to work for us, so we started with painting – Initially it was all about the cool, smooth, squidginess and the bright colours to captivate her interest, but it soon became more as she explored with hands AND feet and made bright, colourful pictures which we have hung on the wall and kept in a big book 🙂

baby painting 2

painting 3

Our next sensory activity was with Salt Dough, homemade (I will do another salt dough project with recipe!) and we did a series of hand and foot prints. Two man job one to hold the babies hand, the other to get the impression – I ended up having to wait until Lizzie was asleep to get the actual impressions but she had fun with the dough before, squashing it between her fingers and helping paint after.

salt dough

Even though she’s only 5 months old we have explored other mediums such as edible paint(again I’ll do another craft post and put up a recipe),


felt tips,


soft pastilles most recently


as well as her first glue project!


We have also explored sensory baskets, one with Autumn Nature Items and another with Random Household Objects!



There will be more of these and variations to get the creative juices flowing! Stay tuned to find out how we do things 🙂


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