Welcome to Lil’ Nibblet’s Nook!

Our first ever post; the beginning of a new adventure! It’s exciting and a little daunting actually, this all came about after a few friends on my Facebook suggested I should do a blog featuring the things I get up to with my baby daughter, Lizzie, who is 5 months old. So, I tentatively started thinking about what I could talk about that would interest people and keep them wanting to read, then I thought some more and realised even if nobody ever read it, it would be a great record of all the great things we have done and will do; so here we are, new blog and dedicated facebook page as well. (Pop on over to the sidebar and give us a like!)

What is Lil’ Nibblet’s Nook all about?

Well, hopefully it will be a place were people can come to be inspired. Children are fascinating, wonderful, sponge-like creatures who are curious about everything, which makes them so much fun to be around. At 3-4 months, when Lizzie started reaching and touching and holding items, I decided it was time for us to explore the world as she is insanely curious and lives for entertainment and stimulation, yes, even at her young age! Already we have decided we will be going down the route of Home-Education and have compiled a huge stock of free resources I think will suit our needs for the first few years and hopefully make a lot of our own along the way as well, which I will be sharing here of course.

There will be art and craft tutorials, indoor and outdoor activities, home-education information and our journey along the way, hopefully competitions, giveaways, product reviews and testing and more! So please, stick with us and help us grow, feel free to comment with constructive feedback and suggestions of what you’d like to see here, as we always love new ideas. Watch out for promotions and free items I’ve found along the way too, which I’m more than happy to share 🙂

Look out for our first competition this weekend too!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Lil’ Nibblet’s Nook!

  1. Think this just had to happen…looking forward to reading more about the girl with the golden smile & since my niece has just given birth to my first great nephew I look forward to sharing this blog with her too.

    • Huge congratulations to your niece, Helen, what lovely news! Thank you for joining and sharing the blog with your family. We look forward to sharing our adventures 🙂

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