What a night!

The face of innocence.

The face of innocence.

Our daughter, Miss Lizzie, decided that sleep was for losers, like total losers, last night, and after only a couple of hours tops proper sleep she tossed and turned and flailed and basically screamed the house down – we’d get up, feed her, change her, wind her, bounce her, rock her and anytime we tried to gently put her down to sleep, and I mean GENTLY, gentle enough we could have defused 100 nuclear warheads between us, she’d wake up and scream…This went on until 6am this morning from midnight last night. We are beat, BEAT, so beat that at 6:20am I took her into the nursery and rocked her to sleep in the nursing chair vowing to catch some sleep – she slept and I stared wide eyed and manic out of the window watching a pigeon sway wildly on a branch of the Hazel Tree outside.

In all fairness, she is still recovering from one helluva stomach virus where we’ve had exorcist like vomiting, and explosions from the other end on an almost 2 hourly basis for days, then we had a few days of high fever where we were warned to watch for seizures and inconsolable crying for over 48 hours. The house is run ragged at the moment, even the dogs are hiding from the noise, upset and general short tempers fluttering around. We’re all a bit sore, exhausted, cranky and in need of a break! Add to that teething…Does it end? It must, it HAS to, I want my smiley, fun-loving baby back now!

Since waking we have had 30 minutes of smiles and silent play, cuddles and gentle babbling, however, we’re back to moaning and yelling at top of ones lungs and we might just lose every last marble we have left between us (and there ain’t many!)

Insert 35 minute break here where I had to tear myself away to console, feed and rock the aforementioned, cranky child to sleep. Peace, for a little while 😉

We have some plans today, story time (hopefully), some sensory play, a wee trip to Aldi at lunchtime for baby supplies as their baby event starts today and maybe, MAYBE something crafty if wee barra plays nice 🙂


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