Adventure Friday: International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Battling the Kraken and dressed for the occasion!

Battling the Kraken and dressed for the occasion!

Today turned out to be less adventurous than previously planned, but we made the most of it in the end. Friday’s around here are Creation Station mornings, well from last week anyway, however, Lizzie is still recovering from a horrendous stomach virus that had her temperature up at 39.2 at one point and a steady 38-39 for a couple of days. There was puking and pooping by the boat load and even more crying and screaming, so I figured a) she likely wasn’t up to the long journey and mass stimulation and b) just in case she is still contagious (though I doubt it) we shouldn’t spread the germs unnecessarily. Instead we opted for a day close to home with just enough stimulation to keep my little lady satisfied.

Lizzie was thrilled to get out of the house, she loves being in her pram, as long as she’s in the pushchair section facing the world and all the wonders it has to offer her, so in she went and off to the bus we rolled.

She looks worried...not sure why we were only sat at a quiet bus stop awaiting the bus lol

She looks worried…not sure why we were only sat at a quiet bus stop awaiting the bus lol

Our first stop was the library and mummy being silly forgot it shut at 12:30 for lunch, so we had a whole five minutes to dash in, grab books and get out. This was achieved, but I forgot to get her Bookstart Passport stamped and was rather gutted when I realised. We love the library, it’s right by the bus stop and though it’s not huge, it’s filled with a really good selection of books and always updating their archive with new titles. Watch out for my book reviews for kids – reading is a pass time both James and I enjoy and we read frequently to Lizzie and have done since the day she was born (and before! I read to my bump).


The library also has a community centre attached and between the library and the centre there are some groups that run during term time for babies, toddlers and children to attend, though I think Stay and Play has just moved to the other community centre a bit further away, but thankfully still on the same bus route. Stay and Play is a mother/father baby and toddler group 0-5yrs that has singing, rhymes, stories and movement and time for the children to play together and parents to have a blether and meet other parents. The other group that runs is Tot’s Time and it’s 0-5yrs as well I think and is a half hour group for storytime out loud and socialising.

  • Knitting and Crochet Group every Monday 10.00 – 12.00
  • Tots Time, every Monday at 2.00 – 2.30
  • Bilborough Library Reading Group 1st Monday of each month at 10.30
  • Homework Help Session, every Thursday 4.00 – 6.00pm (Re-Opens 11/09/2014)

Above are some of the other activities run at the library or community centre.

We left with an armload of books anyway…despite my 5 minute grab and dash!


Lizzie just had to check out the one about the cats in boxes as soon as we got out of the library. Honestly, she has no patience (a bit like her mother *^.^*).


I nipped to the shop for a drink and tried to decide if the weather was going to hold for us to go to the park for a little while, I decided we’d give it a shot as it’s only up the road, so we sat and waited for another bus only for this to happen…


TYPICAL! She fights sleep when I want her to take a nap or go down for the night, but when we’re out on an adventure she snoozes, usually through most/all of it! Anyway, I got on the bus and headed to the park regardless, but it was a major disappointment.


Good park, lots to do, but sadly not for her age group. What she needed was a set of swings that have the hard bars around them, but they didn’t have any at all 😦 I was a bit gutted. She has been on a swing sat on my knee when she was only a couple of months old, but she’s stable enough in sitting that she would probably enjoy a gentle swinging in the baby swings – NEED TO FIND SOME. Really wanted a photo too – pffft. Oh well, probably just as well she slept on. I wandered around a bit trying to exercise my joints some (which have been horrific lately, but that’s another story) and came across this rather bright looking house that houses homing pigeons!


Before long we hopped on the bus and headed back towards home. By this time I’d decided we would wait for the library to open again after lunch so I could have her passport stamped, THEN we could go back home to daddy. Naturally on the way home the smiles that had been there all afternoon were starting to wane and griping was happening on the final stretch to the front door. Daddy got the smiles back though, food in the belly and off for a nap and she’s only just beginning to rouse now. Success I’d say!


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