Sensory Bottle

Little hands and little developing minds love items with texture, colour, patterns, things that make noise, feel warm, cool, rough and smooth, slimey and…well you get the picture, so, every week I try to add something new to her collection of sensory items, whether it’s new items on her board, new bottles/jars filled with bits or baskets filled with all manner of goodies and more. This morning whilst I was rustling up some breakfast for us (Lizzie had Banana Porridge, I had Toast and a Sausage Sandwich!) I made this!


Very simple, all you need is:

  • Glitter
  • Small Bottle (can be bought on ebay for very little)
  • Coconut Oil/Sunflower Oil
  • Insulating Tape *optional*

I used three colours of glitter in this, I just couldn’t help myself; Gold, Silver and Red! Just watch as your baby/toddler shakes and watches the glitter swirl around as they explore the bottle. These small travel bottles are perfect size for tiny baby/toddler hands. Lizzie hasn’t the capacity to pop the lid or unscrew it, but if you have concerns you could always super glue the inside of the lid to stop that or use brightly coloured insulation tape to keep it from being opened.

Lizzie was quite taken with this, look out for the next one!




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