Autumn Nature Collage Craft!

Lizzie and I got busy this afternoon whilst James did some drilling and hammering and all that manly stuff, we started by having a look and feel of the items we collected on our walk this morning – Nature Sensory is a great way to teach words, colours, textures and keep your baby and toddler interested in the world. As we were meandering home on our walk a couple of crafts came to mind that we could do together 🙂 So that was the plan for the items after she finished fondling them!


Whilst she was happily exploring under my watchful eye (just in case she tried to take an eye out with the stick or eat grubby feathers!) I prepared some paper and paint to begin our craft which would involve finger/hand painting, printing and gluing

Squirting various blobs of paint onto a piece of paper, I then handed it over to the master finger painter/mixer to get to work, smooshing, mixing, scrunching, generally making lots of oozy mess. She enjoys the cool, smooth texture of the paint in her fingers (and toes!) and readily moves it around the page to mix the colours.


Once the page was nice and wet with mixed up paint, it was time to bust out the leaves and start pressing and printing.




The rough, veiny side of the leaf should be face down in the paint and make sure it’s well coated before printing onto a fresh piece of paper. We chose yellow to go with the autumn theme of reds, golds, oranges, yellows…We had picked a few different leaves of different size and species and used them all to make different prints to cover the paper.


Meanwhile, Lizzie is selecting feathers to add to the collage and I’m rummaging for glue to use to stick. I couldn’t get the lid off of trusty old PVA so used a clear craft glue I had. Unsure about it’s sticking quality, but we shall see how it goes. As Lizzie selected the feathers, I put a spot of glue on the page for it to stick to.


Finally our finished master piece. This didn’t take very long to do at all, but it allowed us to spend quality time together, kept my baby entertained and stimulated and had her senses exploring all kinds of smells, textures and colours in the process.



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