Wander in the Woods

It’s a balmy day out there today, overcast and muggy, but reasonable for walking the intrepid hounds and going for a stroll in the woods as a family. We try to fit as much in as we can on weekends because weekdays are all work and little play for James and we’re usually beat by the time we get Lizzie down for the night we manage to do very little. Weekends: The world is our oyster!


Lizzie woke us early and James suggested a woodland walk at our local nature reserve, which is approximately 10 minutes from the house, Harrison’s Plantation. So we grabbed a couple of hounds and off we went, it’s a good place to walk in summer too, as it’s very cool and shaded by lots of trees, which is ideal for our particular breed of dog.


The whole walk is anything between 3-5 miles we roughly worked out and Togn is a bit of a silly pup who does nothing but pull like a train the entire time lol Sled dog breeds! They can be trained not to pull, however, we don’t because we like the raw natural ability for running them in harness 🙂 We spotted a little flowing stream and stopped to gather some pebbles for a few projects I have in mind and Togn decided he just HAD to get in, lie down and have a drink ahah, Yuna was way more interested in a lurking squirrel above us!


Lizzie enjoys the sounds and tranquility of woodland walks, often staring up at the filtered light through the tree canopy and reaching out for leaves that encroach on the pram, but most often she doses off and goes for a nap, which is exactly what she did.



We gathered a few items for Lizzie to explore later as well, leaves, conkers, twigs and feathers, all of which are sensory, learning materials and will also be used to make something crafty after 🙂 Keep your eyes peeled.


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