Product Review: Thornton’s Chocolate Cake Kit.


We were lucky enough to be included in the current Thornton’s Promotional Giveaway and Contest – Thornton’s Bake Off and we were sent a free cake making kit, this was all very exciting as we love chocolate AND cakes in this family! The cake mix arrived during the week and we couldn’t wait to get to the weekend when we’d have enough time to actually make it, well, IT’S THE WEEKEND!

So, what was in this Thornton’s Chocolate Cake Kit? Well there was a sizable bag of cake mix suitable and a small pack of chocolate chunks. We found it a little disappointing that there was a lack of frosting/icing mix/ingredients in the box but we bought our own to use because what’s a chocolate cake without frosting!?


So given we had little in the box to work with to create our “show stopper” we collected a few other ingredients to add to the mix and then improvised a little in the middle too!


First we had to make the sponge, we poured the packet mix into a large mixing bowl, added the 3 eggs, 100mls of vegetable oil and milk as suggested.


We whisked it all together and whilst that was mixing, we melted the chocolate chunks in a bowl over a pan of boiling water on the stove. These were to be added to the cake mix.


Once this was mixed into the cake mix we greased the cake tin and poured the mixture in and placed in the oven at 170 degrees C (pre-heated) for 25-30 mins (cake should be firm on top to touch).


Whilst baking in the oven we prepared our own butter cream mixture for putting in the middle. 100g Butter was mixed in a bowl until creamed.


Once creamed 150-200g of icing sugar was sifted into the butter and beat.


I had wanted to allow Lizzie some sensory play whist we did this, but the cake mix required the raw eggs, so that was out and by the time we were whipping up this butter cream mixture, this happened!


So typical! She had been hanging out in her high chair, but was getting cranky so swapped her to the pram with her toys and out she went like a light, bless her. So no butter cream for little missy to play with/eat because the next ingredient we added was a splash of Spiced Rum.


Lastly we mixed in some cocoa powder to add a hint of chocolatey flavour and colouring! The taste test was brill! 😉


Whilst this was being mixed up the cake finished cooking and it was take out and placed on a wire rack to cool.


The cake had a great texture and once cooled and cut to make a sandwich the innards appeared deliciously moist. Perfect!

We took out Rum & Cocoa Butter-cream and spread it liberally on the bottom half of the cake.


Finally we placed the top of the cake on and took our tub of chocolate frosting and spread it liberally around the sides and on top of the cake – really nice and thick! Lastly we topped with chocolate buttons and crumbled buttered fudge pieces!



James has done a taste test and I have asked if he would buy it and make it again, his answer was “Depends how much it cost.” This is fair. Currently I have only seen it for sale in Asda for a price of £2.49. I think this is a fair price as the cake mix does make a rather huge cake, despite the lack of frosting. The mix does allow you then quite a degree of flexibility in how you wish to decorate and flavour your cake, so if that is something that really appeals to you then the Thornton’s Chocolate Cake Kit is the cake kit for you 🙂


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