Quiet Day.

We had a bit of a down day today, doing not much of anything at all here at The Nook. I woke up this morning having a horrendous Arthritis flare and wasn’t sure how I’d get through the day just me and a demanding 5 month old. James is lucky with his work, or I should say, WE are lucky with his work, they are very understanding of my condition and the amount of help and support I need sometimes (particularly of late) and the nature of James’ job allow him the flexibility of working from home. So this morning he went into work and came home at lunchtime to help out.


Thankfully by the time he was coming home I was feeling better than  was this morning after a nice little Naproxen dose to get me going. I try to take as few medications as humanly possible as I am still breastfeeding, but my specialist, Health Visitor and GP are all aware of this and the GP and I sat and discussed what was safe and what wasn’t, not long after I gave birth to Lizzie, so we’re ok on Naproxen and when it’s really bad and that doesn’t work, I have Tramadol (yuck! Totally avoid this like the plague!). I have a biological injection therapy I take every two weeks (tomorrow is injection day) and it hurts like a SOB, but it helps, so I take it for Lizzie.

Anyway, I spent some time working on my courses today, something I will write about in another post, read a little to Lizzie, played with her a little and nursed and rocked her to sleep a few times too. Late this afternoon we watched Bambie, which sent her for a nap again 15 minutes in lol When she woke up though we continued until dinner was ready and now she’s lying on her daddy’s knee having some quality time and I’ve got my feet up watching ‘The Knick’. Hopefully tomorrow we will have some fun with sensory stuff, another movie, a story and maybe even a craft 🙂



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