Still Struggling with Aches.

It was another quiet day today unfortunately, Lizzie and I spent time cuddling and playing games together. She’s just started playing with her feet when she’s on her back and started sitting up without support, so we watched a movie in bed together this morning whilst she played with my phone and laptop. She’s so curious and into everything right now, it’s great AND terrifying. I’m not going to be able to keep up with her shortly lol


I can’t believe how fast she is growing and the independence she is gaining on a daily basis!


We were hoping to have some crafts to do today, but with me feeling rough and in a lot of pain, it makes it quite challenging to do it sometimes. I will try to get a few arts & crafts in before the end of the week and some sensory play too, as it really has been a few days now.

This evening we bought Lizzie a baby walker and whilst she wasn’t sure at first what to do with it or herself, she quickly got the idea and was soon laughing hysterically and squealing with delight as she moved around and following the dogs. Really lovely moments to treasure forever.



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