Library time!

Mara over at Hook, Thread and Tinker inspired this post with her lovely giveaway (worth checking out!) because we LOVE reading at The Nook. James and I have so many books there are bookshelves stuffed with books all over the house and Lizzie has her very on set of shelves half full already too, but we can’t resist books! We buy lots and to try and save us some money, we signed Lizzie up for a library card when she was just 5 weeks old – You’re never too young to start with books!


We joined the bookstart club and every 2-3 weeks we pop to the library to borrow some books and get a new stamp in the old passport, once it’s filled you get a free book! It’s all really encouraging for young readers and it’s a really nice couple of hours out of the house for us as we will often sit and read at least one story there and choose a selection of books to bring home with us.


I love rocking in the nursing chair with Lizzie on my knee reading a story and it’s not unheard of for daddy to pick up her books and read to her too – A real family activity we all enjoy and hope it’s something Lizzie will continue to enjoy as she grows.
Above is the latest haul of books we borrowed and below are some of our past borrows:





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