Sensory Play – Texture.


Besides the craft activity we did today, I also engaged Lizzie in a little Sensory time. Babies and Toddlers are notorious for loving to play with baby wipes and tissue packs, pulling them all out and putting them everywhere. A way to address this and keep your precious tissues and wipes away from twiddly, curious fingers, is to get an old tissue box (or any smallish box and cut a hole in it!), get strips of fabric or scarves of varying colours and textures and put them in the box!

As you can see, Lizzie was keen on the standard “taste test” and decided it wasn’t edible and found the fabrics inside instead and these captivated her interest quite a bit.


She spent a lot of time staring at the pattern on the tissue box whilst gently fondling the materials before pulling them out one by one and stuffing them in her face to see if THEY might be edible 🙂


After she was finished sucking on the material and thoroughly exploring them, it was a game of throw them all over the lounge whilst watching mummy pick them up 🙂 Her favourite material was the rougher lilac fabric with silver thread pattern. Once the materials were suitably scattered she returned to examine the empty box and have one more taste test…just to be sure!



2 thoughts on “Sensory Play – Texture.

    • Glad you like it 😀 Reusable too and great to swap fabrics in and out to introduce new colours and textures whilst keeping some familiar so it’s always a new experience 🙂 Have fun!

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