Treasure Map Craft – Toucan Box

 Today I have what is known among the Biological Therapy users for Auto Immune Diseases, as ‘hangover day’. I take Humira and the jab stings like hell when injected, but the day after just floors you. No energy, banging headache, just feel completely wiped out. The upside is the pain is usually well decreased, so that’s the silver lining of it all, it keeps my disease manageable, just a pity it makes you completely useless for a day or two >.<  However, I haven’t managed any art or sensory activities with Lizzie for day so we decided regardless of lethargy we would make a treasure map!


As you can imagine a 5-6 month old baby needs a fair amount of help and guidance with some tasks but some they are perfectly capable of themselves. I got out the resources needed and gave Lizzie her first task.


Scrunch a piece of A4 paper up to give it creases and wrinkles, even a tear or hole adds to the authenticity of an old map. Whilst Lizzie was having fun with that…


I prepared the teabag in a small glass of cold water, cold so no little fingers would get burned in the next section.


The it was give baby paint brush a see what happens when painting the tea onto paper to create an aged look!


 We didn’t manage photos of the tea splattering as I was trying to fend off the hound from getting involved and drinking the tea and eating the teabag out of lizzie’s hands when she decided the paintbrush just didn’t cut it and would rather use the teabag itself as a medium lol

Once it was painted though, it was in the oven for 5 minutes at 100 degrees C.


It dried out nice an quick and a little hot to touch straight from the oven, so do be careful with children touching it. It cools very quick, give it 30 seconds – 1 minute before giving to child to decorate 🙂


Now, Toucan Box provided us with nice pirate stickers, but you can make your own with some pens and paper for colouring in, buy some stickers from craft store or here on ebay.

I quickly outlined an island on the map, placed the stickers and burnt the edges of the page with a lighter to give a slightly more authentic look 🙂


Once done, I gave it to Lizzie to see what she thought 🙂 She seemed quite impressed and see this becoming a prop for imaginary play in the future 😀



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