Friday Fun-day!


Wow! What a day, I’m beat and so is Lizzie. Today was CREATION STATION DAY and we were so excited to be back after missing our second week due to illness. Lizzie enjoyed it much more this time too, possibly because she is really developing her grabby hands and pincer grasp πŸ™‚ Each class opens with a welcome song and the leader comes around the say hello to everyone individually and once that’s over, she opens a huge furry bag of sensory goodies for the babies to explore. I really want to be able to get on the floor with Lizzie, but until she’s able to sit up reliably without falling over or crawling, it’s not easy for me to do because of my sore and stiff knees and hips, so she sits on my knee in the circle and has items handed to her; it would be nice to let her get in among it all and choose her own sensory items though.



There were even more babies there than there was last time, I’d say between 15-20, it was proper madness, but also lovely. Lizzie made a new friend in a wee boy called Oscar and spent a lot of time observing all the other little ones there. Oscar is actually the little boy of the lady sat behind us in the striped top, I didn’t want to take a photo of other people’s kids I don’t know, so there is none of them together, but perhaps if he is there each week we will get to know them better and perhaps be able to get a photo of her making friends πŸ™‚


Once the sensory and social aspect was over it was art and craft time! Today was about transparency, so there were lots of see-through materials around like organza, net, lace, opalecent paper, acetate, etc. The first task was to stamp and finger paint onto coloured acetate, Lizzie loved this and also almost had the tub of paint in her face and mouth a few times, her hands, honestly, grabby grabby!


She also smooshed a LOT of paint on bubble wrap and spent a fair amount of time trying to eat it. I advised her that it was unwise but of course, mummy knows nothing and baby does what baby likes haha She didn’t get any in her mouth thankfully, but a fair amount of paint did end up in her hair and face and ear, hands and legs and feet πŸ˜€ Mummy was also covered ❀


Lastly the leader of the group went around getting all the babies footprints onto clear contact paper and put them in a card frame decorated by our babies – lizzie used hands and fingers to add a little purple (or a lot purple) and a little orange πŸ™‚ They’re lovely. I’ll be popping them in the wall tomorrow.


When she was done creating her masterpieces, she took a more active role in painting herself pretty colours lol She is totally obsessed with her feet now and I can’t help but find it to be the cutest thing ever, other than when she giggles ❀


Afterwards Lizzie was beat and went straight to sleep whilst I tried to rub as much paint off both of us before we met a friend for a spot coffee and cake πŸ™‚


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