Saturday Morning Stroll – Attenborough Nature Reserve


I feel really lucky living in Nottingham, we have great public transport around the city and LOTS of wonderful parks and Nature Reserves throughout and around to take an afternoon stroll rain or shine 🙂  I’m very outdoorsy, James more so since we got together and then again after we added Huskies to our family. I hope our daughter will follow in those footsteps and enjoy nature and the outside world, there is just so much to see and do!

With the sun out this morning we decided to pop along to our old haunt, Attenborough (it’s close to our old house on the other side of Nottingham) and see if we could find any pebbles, which I hope to use for crafting projects in the next couple of weeks), down by the River Trent, but we found nothing…until we returned to the car park! So I cheekily grabbed some in a bag…we might be back if I can’t find another source!

There are some truly beautiful views at the Reserve which are always worth stopping to take it in.


On the way round we always stop at the Trent where there is reasonable access for the dogs to have a paddle and a drink  and we were having a great time until a scruffy hound came bounding out of the trees and down the slope towards Yuna. She doesn’t like being surprised and doesn’t take kindly to it, so we had to move along fairly swiftly.


There is a lot to see and do in Attenborough from various wildlife habitats, foliage, wildlife and bird-life. There is a lovely visitor centre and picnic area as well as plenty of events through the year and clubs for the kids.

The sun was scorching on the way back to the car and we were all a hot sweaty mess by the time we got there but Lizzie enjoyed seeing the ducks and watching the hounds and seeing all the other dogs, so it was well worth the little trip out there for some quality family time 🙂



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