Home Education – Some of our Resources so far.

I’ve been researching and reading and gathering information, resources and supplies since before Lizzie was born, I’m a bit like that when I get enthusiastic about something, but my hope is that by the time she is really starting to put things together, I’ll have stacks of educational materials to meet her needs in a variety of ways.

One of the very first things we ordered for her was a stack of resources from British Heart Foundation. There are LOADS to choose from across a variety of age ranges and the quality of the materials are outstanding. All they ask for is a donation which can be done at the time online or via postal cheque.


We ordered a huge activity book, a poster, some organs, a height chart, some leaflets, information packs and we got stickers, a bag and 2 books. The books are about the heart and healthy eating and exercise, the large activity book has sheets about heart, healthy eating, exercise and identifying good and bad habits. The huge poster with cut out cardboard organ shapes are for placing on the poster. Hugely educational and brilliant. We were ecstatic with our first resource find 🙂

The next things we ordered were a set of Challenge Cards from James Dyson Foundation. These are maths, science and engineering experiments aimed at slightly older children, however, the basic principles can be learned and experiments for fun and they can be reused later to do more experiments and gain a deeper understanding of the science and maths involved.

Change 4 Life is an NHS initiative set up to encourage children to get active, stay active and eat well and healthy. They have teamed up with Disney to offer a “10 Minute Shake Up” activity pack, which comes with a reward chart, stickers and loads of cards with activities on to do every day – all sorts of fun activities and games to play from little to large – You can get involved too and make it a family game 🙂

Lastly an energy company were giving free storybooks away – It educates about saving energy and renewable energy and basic climate change and why it’s good not to be wasteful. Who says no to a free book? 😀


Our most recent Educational Freebie is the Lego Education Storystarter, which has just arrived today! How exciting 🙂


We have various work sheets that I’m slowly putting together into our own workbooks but here are some letter and number examples of things we will use to help with learning letters, numbers and colours 🙂





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