Hospital Day Patient.


Today was a very frightening day for me, I have severe needle phobia and the procedure today involved a needle stuck into my hip joints with the use of an xray machine to try and relieve the severe pain I endure on a daily basis due to Arthritis, inflammation and joint damage. The lining around my joints it so inflamed the surgeon is skeptical the steroid injections will be of any benefit, but he thought we should give it a go as there is nothing to lose. Once I was on the table and they started, out-loud I exclaimed to the room “What the hell was I thinking agreeing to this?!” It made the nurses chuckle.

The local hurt and the steroid hurt. There were no two ways about it. The nursing staff were excellent, kept me distracted through my yelps and squeezing their hands. Unfortunately I couldn’t have James there with me as he was looking after Lizzie whilst working from home. It was a long wait from 9:30am until 1pm.

I’m not supposed to do much of anything over the next 24 hours, but that’s challenging with a precocious 6 month old who is quite demanding!

Please excuse lack of fun posts, but normality will resume in a couple of days! Look out for our October Competition though which will be announced TOMORROW! 😀


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