Product Review! Box of Awesome.

Just last week we were one of the first 100 entrants of a code to win a FREE Box of Awesome! This was very cool and have been patiently awaiting it’s arrival in the post to do this review!

Well it arrived yesterday and I’ve held off posting until today because I knew I’d need something to keep the blog active with having my hip procedure done today and a huge portion of it would be stuck in hospital, followed by bed rest after.


The box is well decorated and very obvious your contents have arrived with the branded packaging. The box is pretty robust and inside the contents are swathed in tissue paper.


The contents inside are aimed at boys, but we’re not gender specific here and not keen on pushing these roles on our daughter, she plays with whatever.

  • 1 Snack Pack of Haribo Tangfastic
  • 1 Set WWF Stickers
  • 3 Sets Tranformers Collection Cards
  • 1 Pack of Football Trading Cards


  • 1 Where’s Wally Travel Sized Book


  • 1 Where’s Wally A1 size Poster
  • 2 Awesome Points Redeemable Cards


I will add some individual pictures and be doing little flash giveaways with some of these items throughout the month 🙂 So look out!

I don’t think I would purchase one of these for my daughter on subscription as the items are not tailored to her interests currently, but the item quality is nice and little girls and boys who are into football, wrestling, collecting small figures, stickers and cards and enjoy reading and puzzles and games would probably at least like to try a freebie box (check their site for regular giveaways) or maybe a trial gift?


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