Sensory Play!

Today a very lovely, generous friend stopped by for a few moments to drop off a package of items for my daughter – There were 5 books and a beautiful set of Rope Lights which flash and dim and do all manner of eye catching, visually stimulating things to amuse babies, toddlers and children alike! So very helpful today after a bad night last night with my hips, Lizzie not sleeping well and James picking up a stomach virus, we’re all a little beat and cranky today.


Lizzie had been cranky and whiny all morning and the lights were a welcome distraction for a little while. I plugged them in and away we went, they started to oscillate and twinkle and her attention was immediately captured.


She leaned so far out of daddies arms he was afraid he’d drop her so we pooped her in her moses basket so she could really explore her new sensory toy!


She also had a wee play whilst she was in her walker. I think these will be a favourite πŸ™‚


It was really handy to have some distraction for her as she is having a right bad time with her teeth and there is a nasty little molar just waiting to burst through the gum! Hope it hurries up and she gets some relief soon! It was also good for us as James was feeling off all day and with my recovering hips, it was dressing removal day. Bit stiff and sore this morning, but eased off a good bit the more the day went on. I might even brave a trip to the shops tomorrow with Lizzie to test them out properly πŸ™‚

In the meantime I leave you with my battle scars!



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