Testing, Testing!

Today I went to test out my hips to see just how they would hold up “returning to normal routine” as suggested by the surgeon. Well, not too bad actually. They didn’t enjoy the sudden stops and starts of the bus, nor too much standing around, but altogether they appear to be somewhat better than how they were, so let’s hope this is something that will continue for a wee while!

Lizzie and I took a wee trip to the shops, we needed to grab some baking powder for a cake I’m going to bake this weekend and a few other odds and ends as well as pick up her prescription of Gaviscon for Infants for her reflux issues (which was way overdue thanks to some messing around by GP and Pharmacy systems – ugh!) We have it now, so back to every feed at last πŸ™‚


We got what we were after, mostly and I picked up a couple of irresistible buys for Lizzie – A make your own Wind Chime kit, which I’ve been dying to buy her one for her room and haven’t got around to it, so when I saw I kit to make our own, I thought it was perfect. I also bought her a new sensory toy seeing as she loved the lights our friend Leah gave her…


Colour changing, fibre optic tree πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for her to see it! πŸ˜€

We met a friend whilst we were on our travels, which was lovely and before long we were heading home and both mum and baby were pretty tired! Lizzie had a good snuggle on my knee whilst I rocked her and slept for a while whilst I took some photos for the competition we’re running. Look at that face, angelic or what?


We have Creation Station fun times tomorrow morning and in the late afternoon hopefully doing a family photoshoot forΒ a very good friend! I’m rather excited by the prospect, I’m a little out of practice having not done any photography really since I got pregnant with Lizzie, besides phone snaps and they don’t count! The weekend is to hopefully produce some crafts, baked goods and a tasty soup! Look out for those posts πŸ™‚

In the meantime, I’m off to get a deal on some Megabloks for Lizzie’s Christmas. Don’t forget to check out our competition!


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