Friday Fun-Time.


The Creation Station – Baby Discovery Class is VERY popular and I feel quite lucky we have a spot each week because it’s always busy, but fun, lively, noisy and stimulating for little minds. Every week Lizzie goes, a few moments out the door after the class and she’s out like a light!

Rachel is the leader of this particular class and she’s just lovely and keen to make a fuss of all the children and I can’t fault her, she’s always willing to help me out a little more because I really struggle to get down on the floor to let Lizzie play with the other babies and explore the sensory bag or do floor messy play, so often Lizzie will go for a play for a few moments with her whilst I sit close by and I’m really grateful, so THANK YOU RACHEL! ❤


Today’s class started by sitting in a circle in the middle of the room, we did the hello song and Rachel came round to say hello to everyone. Lizzie was super grumpy for the first 15 minutes or so, but combination of wanting food and teeth hurting made it a little challenging to engage properly, but we got there. The big rainbow coloured parachute was brought out and most of the kids loved it, Lizzie was a bit intrigued and then decided she’s rather cry until I got up and fed her some more *rolls eyes*. She got so grumpy and upset I left the room for a few minutes with her to allow her to calm down and let the other children and parents enjoy themselves. Once she’d calmed down by the time we got back, crafts had begun on the floor with some gloopy slop we soon discovered was Cornflour and Water!

Lizzie was delighted by this and couldn’t stop smooshing and touching, I even stopped in to Tesco on the way home to pick up a box as we were out at home, so we could do some more play with it.


Really interesting what it does. When poured it’s like watery gloop, but when it touches a surface it solidifies until you touch it again! So weird 😀  I was really fascinated by it’s properties, so it’s no wonder Lizzie was really taken by it. It got everywhere, but because it dries out, it’s very easy to clean off clothes, hands, hair etc


Sorry some of these photos are a little on the blurry side, but mess + small baby + one hand and photography = challenging lol I hope you’ll forgive me!  Look at that face though? Enjoying herself now, eh?

Then the edible painting came into play, a little food colouring was added to the cornflour and water and colourful paper presented and a spoon as a tool to create with. Lovely pictures were made and I haven’t a photo! This I will rectify soon!

Whilst tidying up was going on,  we were instructed on how to make a little toy for our babies. Really simple, but effective and Lizzie has enjoyed chewing on it and moving the reels along the cord.



After we made the toy, the big sensory bag of goodies was opened once again and all babies went to explore and discover the contents, old and new. I even got down with Lizzie and Rachel held her for me for a few whilst I grabbed some photos. She was particularly fond of a rattle (I may have to try and find one for her!)


And some kind of fish toy that had little paddles inside that spun around.


It was really nice to be able to get down on the floor and let her sit by herself and explore the toys without me handing her thing, letting her choose her own items to play with is all part of the fun and Lizzie seemed to really enjoy this today too, so hopefully my hips continue to let me do such things.



4 thoughts on “Friday Fun-Time.

    • Are there no baby activity classes in your area? 😦 I’m really pro-active and have the luxury of being self-employed so flexible with time, I’d be so tempted to start my own! Once she finds her feet (or knees!) we have a couple more classes we plan to enroll her in – One is a Music and Movement group and another is Baby Gymnastics 🙂

      • There definitely are baby classes, just haven’t heard of one that is messy like that :). We are starting swim lessons soon and potentially a baby music class once he can sit on his on. Right now it seems a little silly 🙂

      • Sounds brilliant 🙂 I’ve only braved swimming with Lizzie once, the getting changed after was a challenge and a half as she was not a happy camper lol We need to go again…Grab some craft stuff, get the newspapers/tarpaulin down and get messy together at home 😀 Invite friends and family to join in 😀 xx

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