Flour & Water!

Messy play is one of our favourite things to do here at The Nook and it doesn’t matter how much mess it makes, in fact, the more mess the better! The textures and look of curiosity and wonder as my daughter explores new sensations, knowledge and skills is something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take for granted, it’s beautiful.


Well yesterday, before we had our little Photoshoot, we got out the cornflour and water and introduced it to James, who wasn’t that keen on the texture at all. Lizzie however remembered it well from Friday at Creation Station and loved every minute of it!


Flour and water not only has a great texture and makes a fun and cool material to paint with and splatter paint with the use of sticks, spoons, forks, brushes, leaves, sponges and whatever else you can find lying around, but it’s completely safe for babies who are intent on putting everything in their mouths – Bonus!


You don’t have to paint with it either the consistency is such that it is fluid when moving and solidifies when compressed! Try it out!



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