Halloween Craft: No Mess Jack O’ Lantern!


This really is the simplest of crafts. It’s quick, easy and less messy than carving and gutting a pumpkin (but secretly who doesn’t love to carve up a pumpkin for Halloween?)

There are only a few required items:

  • Empty Jars
  • Tissue Paper
  • Black Card/Paper
  • PVA Glue
  • Yarn
  • Tea Light

Grab your supplies and let’s get making!

First you want to clean your jar with warm soapy water and dry it off. Then grab the PVA glue and coat the outside of the jar. Once you’ve done that, take your tissue paper (you can either wrap as one piece to cover the sides, bottom and rim or you can tear into rough pieces and stick on like patchwork) and stick it to the outside of the jar, making sure to cover all the glass.


Once you’ve done that, set the jar aside to dry and begin cutting some face shapes for your jar from the black card – two eyes and a mouth or 3 eyes and mouth…or one eye…you get the picture! Be creative 🙂

Once you have cut out the face for your jar, grab the pva again and glue them onto the jar to make a face.


Lastly, spread some pva glue around the neck of the jar, take your yarn and wind it around the neck until well covered and finally place the tea light inside your jar!


I made mine a Jack O’ Lantern, but there are lots of Halloween Ideas that would work! You could make Frankenstein’s Monster, A Zombie, A Ghost, A Cat, A Witch, A Vampire, A Mummy…If you make one, we’d LOVE to see! Feel free to send us a link to check out your creation or send a photo to lilnibbletsnook@gmail.com and we’ll pop it on our FB page!


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