Water Tanks, Independence and Surprise Deliveries!

Yesterday there was a distinct lack of posting on my behalf, my apologies. It was one of those days that got away from us. We knew it was going to be a long one, but it just kept going. Basically the water tank in our attic was old, rusting and falling apart and in desperate need of replacing, so a couple of weeks ago James bought a new one, one that won’t rust and we had to wait until his dad was available to come up from Cambridgeshire to help him install it.

That was yesterday. They had to go buy some materials and tools, re-position pipes, get the tank to the attic and build a custom support for it to sit on. It took ALL DAY. A good few hours, James said…well they started at 11am and finished around 9pm at night.


It was a long and frustrating day as we had no water bar what was in the kettle and a bottle in the fridge so no dishes could be done, no washing, no showering, no toilet flushing and very sparing cups of tea as the water was needed mostly for cleaning bottles and filling them for Lizzie! It’s all done now though – phew!

Even though it was all a bit chaotic yesterday, we did have a surprise delivery turn up – The Mothercare 2am Club Prize arrived!!


It’s still all wrapped up until we get 5 minutes! Can’t believe it’s actually here 😀

Today has been less chaotic, but no less dull. The highlights have probably been playing with Lizzie this morning on her play mat and her learning to hold her bottle and feed herself completely now without my assistance (this has made me feel a bit sad and proud at the same time!)


I made a new meal from a recipe which I found over on Pinterest and can be found here at Made From Pinterest! It’s Honey Garlic Chicken and we had it with Pilau Rice and I was so hungry tonight I ate so quickly I hardly got to taste it, but what I did taste I really really liked and already decided we will be making it again.


The last highlight was spending the last couple of hours talking to my sister on the phone. I miss her so much. We lived together for a few years and have always been really close, but I moved to Nottingham from Glasgow 4 years or so ago now, she’s lived in mainland Europe, but now back in Edinburgh and though we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like, we do try to write, skype, call and email as much as we can and catch up via Facebook, but seeing each other in person is always the best and it’s looking like Christmas now and I haven’t seen her since June! Curse the miles. It’ll be special sharing my daughter’s first Christmas with her and the rest of my family and I’ll always be so grateful that she was able to be there for Lizzie’s birth ❤

my sister

My beautiful sister with Lizzie when she was only hours old ❤


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