Shopping Trip!


Lizzie and I went on a little shopping trip today and it was all very spur of the moment. It’s gotten quite cold here all of a sudden and Lizzie’s winter wardrobe is somewhat lacking, so I had a quick chat with James and we decided to meet at lunch so we could chose a snowsuit/pram suit for her. Straight to TK Maxx!

They have some really beautiful clothes for children and babies it was so hard to just go in and buy what we were after and not spend hundreds of pennies (we don’t really have) on lots of beautiful clothes. We were surprised though that they really didn’t have a lot to offer in the 6-9 months age range sadly, but there were a few nice suits and we chose this one.


Blue really brings out the colour of her eyes and it’s so soft she will be so cuddly and snuggly in it. We need to get more trousers, jumpers and possibly a nice coat as well for her as well. I did also pick up her Christmas PJ’s in Primark, which was the last item to get her for her Christmas Eve Parcel. Hooray!

I ended up grabbing a few bargains for myself whilst I was out as well and a nice new outfit for this Friday to boot! The first night out with friends in a loooong time and much needed too! James is looking after Lizzie for the night to let me go out and have a night and I love him so much for it.


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