Sensory Play – Flour

This was like MAGIC today, so much quiet time and easy to clean up afterwards too. Lizzie was absolutely enamored by the feel of the flour between her fingers and a reasonable amount of it ended up in her mouth…as usual!

All you need is flour and if you want to change the texture, add some water. Lizzie has had a lot of experience with wet and cold textures, fluids, cornflour and water goo, paint…so figured it was time for some dry material to get stuck into.


Honestly, she spent a good 30-40mins just smooshing this around the tray, squeezing it between her fingers, tasting it and grabbing it in fistfuls. It allowed me to put together some items, respond to some emails and have a well deserved cuppa!


We will definitely have to do this again and experiment with different stuff 🙂 We did end up adding a little water to the mix to make it sticky and doughy and a whole new texture was born for her.



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