Funtime Friday is a little less fun :(

Today, as you know, is Creation Station day, however, we weren’t able to attend this morning because I’m feeling somewhat rough. I’ve had another flare of my Arthritis and my knees, hands and elbow are hot, swollen and very painful. Not only that, I took my Humira Injection last night (usually on a Tuesday, but can’t be taken when you’re unwell) it was delayed and I didn’t even think about what day today was. Basically Humira knocks me flat on my ass for at least a day, the day after the injection – headaches, nausea, extreme lethargy, the upside is it usually knocks the inflammation on the head, but not this week 😦


I was going to attempt some crafts this afternoon too, but honestly, I’m absolutely beat. The most i’ve been able to do with Lizzie is sit with her whilst she sat and played with her toys on the floor 😦 not a very inspiring day here at all. I’m off out tonight with friends for a meal and some drinks and I’ve been so looking forward to it all week and now it’s here I am sore and tired and afraid I’ll be terrible company…I need the time off though, so I’ll take it and see what happens.

Crafting hasn’t happened today, but yesterday Lizzie did a lot if you saw our posts yesterday and one of the things she did I didn’t post about, was to paint her own cards – James and I both really like the paint job!


The more she gets to play with paint and explore the canvases and tools I present her with to create, the more excited and engrossed she seems to get in the activity each time. She focuses with such determination!



Hopefully we will get to do some fun things tomorrow and consider today a day of rest! 🙂


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