Out and about.


We had a scheduled appointment with our Health Visitor today at the clinic – regular weigh in, check up, make sure mum and baby are doing well, that kind of thing – I actually really like the health visitors at our GP, they aren’t bossy, pushy or mean, they allow mum’s to figure things out for themselves with gentle guidance and plenty of reassurance and you can message or call anytime if you need them. They don’t force their opinions on you either, which I was all ready to defend myself continuously after hearing a LOT of bad press about HV’s but we co-sleep, started weaning at 4 months, breastfeed and formula feed, no judgement on how and what I feed as long as salt and sugars are kept an eye on. It’s refreshing and I can’t fault them and certainly can’t thank them enough as they’ve been superb with us – So thank you Team HV at Bilborough Medical Centre!

I have mixed opinions however about Social Services, which is a whole other story!

Lizzie weighed in at a lovely 17lb+ today at 28wks and on the 75th Centile πŸ™‚ Pretty pleased with that – She loves her grub though, which is great, I just hope it continues! After the visit with the health visitor we popped over to the shop and bought 2 small pumpkins and a pack of apples.


Not only do I plan to use them to make a soup, but they will make lovely props for Lizzie’s Autumn Photoshoot I hope to do this weekend if the weather isn’t miserable!


After we popped up to the library and grabbed a selection of books to bring home and read.


Something I love doing with Lizzie πŸ™‚ So we have a new stack of reading material and whilst we were there she got her 6th stamp in her bookstart passport which got her a free book and certificate – hooray! πŸ™‚



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