Sensory Messy Play: Jelly!


Lizzie and I were trying to work out what food and snacks she wanted to consume the other day and she has a good taste of various things from Cauliflower and Cheese to Yogurt and Fruit Cocktail, we also added some strawberry jelly to the party and it was a whole new sensation in her mouth and not well received, so rather than binning it and being truly wasteful, we decided it would be fun to tip it up into her walker tray and see what she made of exploring it with her hands – THIS was way more fun!

She is so adventurous now when it comes to new objects and sensations, I find Lizzie is constantly reaching out for things to touch and wanting to experience new textures. As soon as the jelly was on the tray her hands were straight in there giving it a good squeeze and smooshing it around and breaking it up into smaller bits which you can watch on video over at Lil’ Nibblet’s Nook Facebook Page!


Definitely another texture we will explore soon (there are 3 more jelly’s in the fridge and she doesn’t like eating them lol) but we will think of different ways for her to explore with it 🙂

A fun, sticky, messy, sensory activity for babies and toddlers alike this one and best of all it’s edible and safe 😀


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