Cold Virus of Evil

It started with a tickle, then it metastasised and now it’s a demon cold from hell. One that has now taken my poor daughter too 😦 We are a sorry state of a family right now. James started coughing…it’s all down hill from there. I’m feeling very sorry for myself, mostly because I feel so poorly all my activities and fun stuff I had lined up have been discarded into a snotty and dusty heap. I’m in the middle of making wind chimes for Lizzie’s room, I have a couple of my own art canvas projects to start and finish for LIzzie’s room now the glue gun has arrived and a bunch of crafts for halloween to be getting on with and updating you all with but can I find the energy? No 😦 I’m considering intravenous caffeine…PURE CAFFEINE.


We haven’t done much of anything short of lazing about in PJ’s. Lizzie is enjoying having her ball pit set up, which is great and much to my joy at the moment, gets more and more capable of sitting on the floor and playing with toys and her sensory baskets without me holding her, she’s pretty much stable…unless she looks up or tries to look far over her shoulder hah.

I took some time yesterday to lazy about on her nursery floor whilst she was playing and decided it wasn’t a bad place to grab a couple of snaps of her playing in her ring.


But really that’s mostly what we did in the afternoon, sat and played with all of her toys until she got hungry and sleepy 🙂 It’s these moments, even if we’re poorly, that I’ll remember and cherish, jut BEING with my little girl and watching her grow. The biggest disadvantage my little girl has is having a disabled mum. My immune system is very poor due to immunosuppressant drugs I take, so get ill often, it takes longer to get well and simple illnesses can be serious and hard hitting. On top of that I am obviously limited in my activities and struggle with chronic fatigue, but I push myself every single day so she misses out on as little as possible and will do so for the rest of my life, but there may be days I just *CAN’T* and those are the days I’ll hate and feel guilty.


Besides wallowing in my own self pity, I got a little pick me up when my Ruby Rocks prize arrived in the mail! It’s stunning, so beautiful in the flesh. Just awaiting the arrival of the necklace part now and then I may coerce James into taking Lizzie and I out to dinner just so I wear it 😉

rr dress

Today will be another day of vegging hoping to get over this Cold of Doom. Bear with me…please?


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