Still fighting…

Yip, you guessed it, I’m still sick, worst thing is how it’s now affecting Lizzie. She doesn’t sleep well and feeding is a struggle, it’s all a bit poop! It’s been a crazy wet, wild and mixed weekend, but we did have some sun on and off today, which was pleasant and prompted me to get out and do that Photoshoot of Lizzie I’ve been dying to do! It was lovely. We took some props, popped on a lovely, warm, girly outfit and headed off to the local, quiet, park where we’d be pretty much undisturbed 🙂



It was really lovely just spending a sunny, quiet morning with a couple of my most very favourite people and watching Lizzie interact with the world around her; leaves, apples, pumpkins, bubbles, sticks, the wind even, it was really special.


After the photoshoot we went to the play-park that was there and I captured some photos of Lizzie playing with her daddy. Again, lovely memories were made and will be cherished ❤



The rest can be found over at Little Emmo Photography on Facebook!

Yesterday was spent trying to organise my business as it seems I’ve had a sudden influx of interest in photoshoots since I did the autumn shoot for my friend 🙂 I have two lined up for next weekend (a family shoot and a pet shoot) another to be arranged, a wiccan wedding next year, a family shoot next year and a family shoot at Christmas. How lovely! 🙂

Yesterday the rest of my Ruby Rocks prize arrived all the way from Switzerland and just like the dress, the necklace is unbelievably stunning in the flesh ❤



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