Still fighting…

Yip, you guessed it, I’m still sick, worst thing is how it’s now affecting Lizzie. She doesn’t sleep well and feeding is a struggle, it’s all a bit poop! It’s been a crazy wet, wild and mixed weekend, but we did have some sun on and off today, which was pleasant and prompted me to get out and do that Photoshoot of Lizzie I’ve been dying to do! It was lovely. We took some props, popped on a lovely, warm, girly outfit and headed off to the local, quiet, park where we’d be pretty much undisturbed 🙂


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I’m doing a Fundraising Event!

This is for the rescue I founded with one of my best friends, SRAN: Sophie’s Refuge for Animals in Need – It’s gone from strength to strength but as all rescues do, rely on public support, help and donations to keep things functioning. If you’re in the UK and fancy an afternoon out in Nottingham, please do book a slot and come along, meet the team, support a fantastic cause and have some ace photos taken of you and your furry best friend(s) Please click the link and support our little rescue, we support the whole of the UK taking in and rehoming animals from all over ❤

sran poster


Exploring a ball pit.


This cold is really starting to take hold now and Lizzie is going through a period of extreme sleep regression. She wakes up between 12-2am and wide awake and wanting to play, takes a good hour to get her back to sleep. James and I are beat and I’m struggling with this virus – not cool. Anyhoo, it’s been quiet and slow here as I really have no energy to do much of anything short of getting through the day, but I still try to keep Lizzie entertained as much as I can. The other day we did Jelly, then there was goopy yoghurt and rice and today we stayed away from mess and I bust out the Little Tikes Sand Pit we won and filled it with her ball pool balls and made a ball pit!

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October Competition!

Don’t forget our awesome October Competition for the Kiddies! Send your kid’s creative entries to lilnibbletsnook@gmail.com and they could be in with winning one of the fab prizes below! Check out some of the submissions over at The Nook’s FB page for inspiration!

Lil' Nibblet's Nook


Imagine and Explore the endless possibilities of creativity this October. Just in time for Halloween, we’re giving away a 1st Prize and a Runner Up Prize to the two most creative pieces submitted by 24th October 2014 to be drawn on the 25th of October 2014. This will allow enough time (hopefully!) for the prizes to be posted and arrive in time for Halloween!

Your child can create whatever they like:

  • Painting
  • Baking
  • Craft
  • Poster
  • Short Story
  • Poem
  • Cross-Stitch
  • Knit/Crochet
  • Card
  • Short Play Performed

As long as it is creative! Entry photos or videos must be emailed to lilnibbletsnook@gmail.com no later than 24th October 2014 with Full name, Age of child & Address. Entries after this date will be discounted. Open to UK residents ONLY unless Worldwide entrants wish to pay postage. All images will be submitted to an album view-able by the public on our facebook page but winners will…

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Sensory Messy Play: Jelly!


Lizzie and I were trying to work out what food and snacks she wanted to consume the other day and she has a good taste of various things from Cauliflower and Cheese to Yogurt and Fruit Cocktail, we also added some strawberry jelly to the party and it was a whole new sensation in her mouth and not well received, so rather than binning it and being truly wasteful, we decided it would be fun to tip it up into her walker tray and see what she made of exploring it with her hands – THIS was way more fun!

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Funtime Friday is a little less fun :(

Today, as you know, is Creation Station day, however, we weren’t able to attend this morning because I’m feeling somewhat rough. I’ve had another flare of my Arthritis and my knees, hands and elbow are hot, swollen and very painful. Not only that, I took my Humira Injection last night (usually on a Tuesday, but can’t be taken when you’re unwell) it was delayed and I didn’t even think about what day today was. Basically Humira knocks me flat on my ass for at least a day, the day after the injection – headaches, nausea, extreme lethargy, the upside is it usually knocks the inflammation on the head, but not this week 😦


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Sensory Play – Flour

This was like MAGIC today, so much quiet time and easy to clean up afterwards too. Lizzie was absolutely enamored by the feel of the flour between her fingers and a reasonable amount of it ended up in her mouth…as usual!

All you need is flour and if you want to change the texture, add some water. Lizzie has had a lot of experience with wet and cold textures, fluids, cornflour and water goo, paint…so figured it was time for some dry material to get stuck into.


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Fabric Printing


This is quite possibly my favourite activity we’ve done to date and it was fairly mess free and provided a whole range of new textures and experiences. We have a big box full of off-cut fabric pieces of all kinds of materials, patterns, colours and textures and I decided to grab a piece, cut a rough canvas out and give it to Lizzie to paint on.

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Halloween Craft: No Mess Jack O’ Lantern!


This really is the simplest of crafts. It’s quick, easy and less messy than carving and gutting a pumpkin (but secretly who doesn’t love to carve up a pumpkin for Halloween?)

There are only a few required items:

  • Empty Jars
  • Tissue Paper
  • Black Card/Paper
  • PVA Glue
  • Yarn
  • Tea Light

Grab your supplies and let’s get making!

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Flour & Water!

Messy play is one of our favourite things to do here at The Nook and it doesn’t matter how much mess it makes, in fact, the more mess the better! The textures and look of curiosity and wonder as my daughter explores new sensations, knowledge and skills is something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take for granted, it’s beautiful.


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