Exploring a ball pit.


This cold is really starting to take hold now and Lizzie is going through a period of extreme sleep regression. She wakes up between 12-2am and wide awake and wanting to play, takes a good hour to get her back to sleep. James and I are beat and I’m struggling with this virus – not cool. Anyhoo, it’s been quiet and slow here as I really have no energy to do much of anything short of getting through the day, but I still try to keep Lizzie entertained as much as I can. The other day we did Jelly, then there was goopy yoghurt and rice and today we stayed away from mess and I bust out the Little Tikes Sand Pit we won and filled it with her ball pool balls and made a ball pit!

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It Arrived!!

Monday in fact, but it’s been so hectic here i haven’t had a moment to mention it 😀 We have had a quick look to make sure it’s all there and cannot WAIT to get it all set up in better weather – Thank you once again Netmums and Little Tikes!



Little Tikes & Netmums Win!

I’m so excited about this because I never ever win prize draws and the one time I forget I’ve entered I win! Perhaps that is the key!? Well, after some correspondence with the editor at Netmums our details have been passed along to Little Tikes for immediate dispatch. I’d clear forgotten what the prize was and it was alluded to in the email that it was outdoor toy(s), but today the editor reminded me and Oh My Giddy Aunt, how unexpected! I really am gobsmacked and utterly delighted and cannot wait for Spring for my little one to get in about these wonderful toys 😀

Thank you so much to Netmums and Little Tikes, we are over the moon and will make sure to post some pictures once built and in use!

Little Tikes - August



Winner stamp

It’s always exciting when you win something, well tonight I discovered an email from Netmums asking for my postal address as we’d won a Prize Draw having posted a review about our favourite outdoor place to play and we did a short review on Stonebridge Farm in Nottingham and were chosen as winners!


I’d completely forgotten I’d done the review and that there was a prize involved, so it was a lovely surprise to get the email to say that our prize was sitting at Little Tikes awaiting dispatch! I can’t even remember what the prize was, how terrible is that, but it’s apparently an outdoor toy and you can bet I’ll be posting in here as soon as it arrives! I love winning stuff, even better I love winning stuff for my daughter even more 😀

We are very excited Osbornes this evening 🙂

Thank you very much, Netmums and Little Tikes!!

Don’t forget, you can vote for Elizabeth to win over at Tiny Testers Little Tikes where she has the chance to become one of the 6 new product testers for the company! Please take a moment, we are very appreciative to everyone who spends a few moments registering and voting!


Little Tikes Competition for Lizzie


Lizzie is taking part in Little Tikes Tiny Tester Competition, she is in with a chance of winning £50 worth of vouchers if she’s in the Top 20 Likes AND an independent panel of judges will choose 6 contestants to become the new panel of Toy Testers for their latest products! Please take 5 minutes to pop along, register on the site and vote for Lizzie and we promise to keep you entertained!